The MaIH (maternal and infant health) Project

We make seamless health care and social care connections.

The MaIH Project, which stands for maternal and infant health, connects pregnant and birthing people with maternal health care and social care services. Altruism Media has a partnership with Unite Us, a social care technology platform that allows pregnant people to be assessed to determine unmet social care needs and health care needs – including maternal mental health. With help from Altruism Media’s community health worker (CHW), these individuals will be screened for eligibility, enrolled in safety net programs, and connected to a health care provider to ensure whole-person care. Then, our CHW and a doula will continue to follow up to ensure needs have been met, adjust care plans as necessary, and provide ongoing advocacy and emotional support.

The MaIH Project is mission critical.

Racial disparities and systemic barriers are directly correlated with high rates of infant mortality and maternal mortality, especially in Missouri.​ Pregnancy-related deaths (during pregnancy or one year after pregnancy) in Missouri are four times higher for Black pregnant people than for white pregnant people, according to a report from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). Rural pregnant people are also affected by low birthweight, which has seen a steady increase from 2011 at 6.7% to 8% in 2022 (2022 County Health Rankings). Nine of the 10 Missouri counties with the highest infant mortality rate are considered rural. As for areas with access to maternal care, other challenges like poverty, limited transit, food deserts, lack of insurance, and systemic racism increase poor maternal and infant health outcomes.

Collectively, we can improve outcomes.

Maternal and infant health can be improved in our communities with early intervention, advocacy, and community collaboration.

Advocacy and Outreach

Culturally responsive messaging, that reaches individuals where they are, has the power to align birthing parents with the necessary health care and social care connections to address unmet needs or social determinants of health (SDoH).

Community Partnerships

Altruism Media, with help from its community health workers and the Unite Us platform, leverages community programs — already in play — and connects individuals with health and social care programs and services.

Collective Impact

The MaIH Project supports the birthing parent, child, and partner to ensure health care and social care needs continue to be met well after birth. Then we evaluate impact to improve community health, advance health equity, and ultimately whole-person care.

Our Why:

SDoH, systemic racism, language barriers, fear of deportation, discrimination, stigma, bias, and longstanding underinvestments in Black, Brown, and rural communities are key drivers of inequitable health outcomes. The MaIH Project leverages current health and social care programs and adds a strong advocacy and outreach component to reach pregnant and birthing people in a manner that resonates and encourages action to address unmet needs.


Pregnancy-related deaths determined to be preventable


Mental health conditions that cause pregnancy-related deaths


Pregnancy-related deaths between 43 days and a year after pregnancy

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