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The Value Doulas Bring

Doulas and CHWs are Central to Positive Birthing Experiences for Hispanic People. Read more.

New Birth Company Empowers Mothers to Be in Control. Read more.

The Value Doulas Bring to New and Expectant Parents. Read more.

Black Midwives and Doulas are Central to Birth Justice. Read more.

Midwives and Doulas: One Answer to Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates. Read more.

Maternal Health Equity

Beautiful, Gifted, Black, and Gone: One Mom’s Tragic Story of Losing Her Daughter to a System That’s Deaf and Blind When it Comes to Black Maternal Mortality. Read more.

Black Men Play a Leading Role in Closing the Black Maternal Mortality Gap. Read more.

Doulas Alone Won’t Fix Perinatal Health Inequities. Read more.

Caring for Black Birthing Families Requires Cultural Responsiveness. Read more.

Advancing Maternal and Infant Health Through Whole-Person Care. Read more.

Improving Black Maternal and Infant Health Requires Breastfeeding Support. Read more.

Obstetric Racism and Misogynoir Intersect to Drive Preventable HIV and Maternal Mortality in Black Women and Birthing People. Read more.

Black Women with Reproductive Conditions Often Dismissed and Suffer in Silence. Read more.

Structural Racism Fuels Disparities in Black Women’s Maternal and Heart Health. Read more.

It’s Time to Reset Breastfeeding’s Racial Gap. Read more.

Health Inequities and Fat-Shaming Drive Maternal Obesity. Read more.

Uzazi Village Addresses KC’s Black Maternal and Infant Mortality Rate. Read more.

Addressing Maternal Health, Mental Health, and Substance Use

New Parents Deserve Better Postpartum Support. Read more.

Tactful Care is Essential for Individuals Battling Meth Use While Pregnant. Read more.

Calling Suicide by its Name May Save New Mothers. Read more.

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Discouraged, Impact Remains Unknown. Read more.



The MaIH Project: Advancing Whole-Person Maternal Health

The MaIH Project connects pregnant and birthing people to health care and social services through the support of a doula and Community Health Worker to ensure they have a healthy and happy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

The MaIH Project Takes a Whole-Person Approach to Advancing Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes

Read more.

Paid Maternity Leave Allowed Me to Pursue Motherhood

Read more.

The MaIH Project Connects Health with Social Care to Improve Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes

Read more.

Our Why:

SDoH, systemic racism, language barriers, fear of deportation, discrimination, stigma, bias, and longstanding underinvestments in Black, Brown, and rural communities are key drivers of inequitable health outcomes. The MaIH Project leverages current health and social care programs and adds a strong advocacy and outreach component to reach pregnant and birthing people in a manner that resonates and encourages action to address unmet needs.


Pregnancy-related deaths determined to be preventable


Mental health conditions that cause pregnancy-related deaths


Pregnancy-related deaths between 43 days and a year after pregnancy

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