Our heart for service is palpable.

A few causes we care about…

We have a huge heart for service. We care about working collaboratively to address maternal and infant health, normalizing and destigmatizing mental health care, utilizing food as medicine to prevent and manage chronic disease, addressing access barriers to quality care, and so much more. Our mission-driven mindset and collaborative approach are well poised to align with that of other nonprofits committed to creating healthier communities.

Our work is mission-critical.

Roughly 80% of health care happens outside of the doctor’s office. That means addressing environmental and social factors both directly and upstream is critical to creating and sustaining healthy communities. Addressing social determinants of health requires intersecting health care with social care. We help nonprofits and community-based organizations reach their base with useful, culturally-responsive information and resources to seamlessly address unmet needs. Public information (education) and advocacy are the tools, media is the vehicle we use to amplify messaging, and targeted programming is the conduit to achieve collective impact.

Advocacy & Education

We help increase public support for important causes through well-executed information campaigns that increase awareness and recruit advocates.

Media Marketing

We leverage long- and short-form traditional and digital content — that’s culturally responsive — to inform and engage with your audience in a manner that resonates.

Brand Development

Whether developing from scratch or executing a brand reboot, we help nonprofits create a cohesive presence that underscores mission, vision, and purpose.

Targeted Programming

Altruism Media collaborates with community-based, health care, and social care organizations to develop programs that improve social determinants of health to create healthier communities.

Our Mission

Empower communities to thrive equitably by equipping them with information and resources that advance whole-person care.

Our Vision

Create healthier communities sustained by a continuum of whole-person care through strategic partnerships with health care, mental health, and social care organizations.

Our Purpose

To reduce preventable deaths through targeted programs, advocacy, outreach, and education in a manner that actualizes equity, dignity, and compassion.

Our Promise

To serve nonprofits with integrity, heart, and sheer dedication to maximizing overall impact and efficacy — in a manner that is culturally responsive and moves health equity forward.

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