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Altruism Media Inc.’s underpinnings in health care and social care marketing, advocacy, and programming started 16 years ago with our for profit sister company, Grace Advertising & Consulting, Inc. Through the years, we have worked with numerous rural and urban nonprofits serving as their marketing partner. These collaborations were instrumental in advocating for issues that range from diabetes management, to ACA, to Medicaid expansion to name only a few. Many times, we’ve provided this work at no charge, as our mission is to serve the greater good.

After years of providing many of our services noncommissioned, we saw a need to design a nonprofit that served as a partner to other nonprofits, working in collaboration rather than competition to bridge the gaps in health and social care. The goal is to create healthier communities by intersecting health care and social care in a manner that seamlessly addresses unmet needs. In addition to offering our own programs, including The MaIH Project, Altruism Media, Inc. also provides marketing services and advocacy campaigns to fellow nonprofits to bolster whole-person care. We approach this work compassionately through a health equity lens. Us, together.

What We Do

Advocacy & Education

We help increase public support for important causes through well-executed information campaigns that increase awareness and recruit advocates.

Media Marketing

We leverage long- and short-form traditional and digital content — that’s culturally responsive — to inform and engage with your audience in a manner that resonates.

Brand Development

Whether developing from scratch or executing a brand reboot, we help nonprofits create a cohesive presence that underscores mission, vision, and purpose.

Targeted Programming

Altruism Media collaborates with community-based, health care, and social care organizations to develop programs that improve social determinants of health to create healthier communities.

The MaIH Project:

Social determinants of health, systemic racism, language barriers, fear of deportation, discrimination, stigma, bias, and longstanding underinvestments in Black, Brown, and rural communities are key drivers of inequitable health outcomes. The MaIH Project leverages current health and social care programs and adds a strong advocacy and outreach component to reach pregnant people in a manner that resonates and encourages action to address unmet needs.

It’s okay to ask for help:

Pregnancy and a new baby can be overwhelming and bring a wide range of emotions. For free, confidential support available 24/7, call the National Maternal Health Hotline at 1.833.TLC.MAMA (1.833.852.6262), available in English and Spanish. To get connected to local support, call or text 844.860.0111.


Pregnancy-related deaths determined to be preventable


Mental health conditions that cause pregnancy-related deaths


Pregnancy-related deaths between 43 days and a year after pregnancy

Our Mission

Empower communities to thrive equitably by equipping them with information and resources that advance whole-person care.

Our Vision

Create healthier communities sustained by a continuum of whole-person care through strategic partnerships with health care, mental health, and social care organizations.

Our Purpose

To reduce preventable deaths through targeted programs, advocacy, outreach, and education in a manner that actualizes equity, dignity, and compassion.

Our Promise

To serve nonprofits with integrity, heart, and sheer dedication to maximize overall impact and efficacy — in a manner that is culturally responsive and moves health equity forward.

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